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The 5/5 Performance Programme

A five phase, five area, multi-disciplinary approach to increase your energy and boost your performance







Movement is life, if you’re not moving your dead.  Your heart pumps 7200 litres of blood a day and movement helps this. Movement is also crucial for cognitive performance. However, do you know which movement is best for your needs, how often to it, at what intensity and for how long?


You think you know what is a healthy food? Think again – your biochemistry is unique to you and so a food can be healthy for one person but unhealthy for another. Many overweight people are actually ‘starving’ from lack of nutrients. Calories are irrelevant to health and weight management, it is better to focus on what and when you eat rather than how much you eat. 


You think you get fitter from exercise? Wrong! It is rest and repair that gets you fitter. Exercise actually injures the muscles and body although it is the stimulus to repair back stronger. Furthermore, sleep is best immunological defence system we have. Average sleep time and quality has reduced dramatically in the last 100 years.


Toxins are major stressors to our body’s regeneration systems, causing energy depletion and weight gain. Until a few hundred years ago, the human body was only exposed to organic compounds. Now food and water supplies expose the body to more than 200 synthetic chemicals and cosmetic products expose the body to a further 15-18,000 chemicals.


95% of people have genes selected and rewritten by their belief system (epigenetics). We have four billion nerve impulses per second but we are only conscious of two thousand of them which makes most of our lives unconscious. To make meaningful change we must use strategies to tap into our beliefs and automated behaviour.

This is right for you if…

You want more energy and less pain, you want to be leaner, stronger and you want to feel good. You want a sustainable, scientific, tried and tested programme that is precisely tailored to your needs and lifestyle.  You want the best results in the shortest possible time but you also want know you’re doing it right.

Or you’re a sports coach or athlete

Or you’re a company wanting to help your employee wellbeing

“Ollie has helped me become a great deal healthier and fitter.  I came to Ollie as a person who was very overweight, did no exercise and had no energy.  You receive a step by step personalised plan to help you achieve your goals and help you improve all your habits, from better sleep to improving your diet.  Ollie’s coaching was very motivational and I was amazed to learn that exercise could be enjoyable!  I went from getting out of breath climbing a flight of stairs to running marathons and have lost over five stone along the way.  I feel like I have got a whole new lease of life – thanks Ollie!”


“I have never really liked gyms so Ollie’s outdoor approach was the first draw. And then with humour and kindness, Ollie has introduced me to a holistic approach to health and fitness, be it climbing over a stream, lifting a tractor tyre, boxing or discovering Tai Chi. I look forward to every session and the variety of exercise, plus I feel fitter than ever before.”


“Ollie has totally transformed my energy, focus and waistline and has helped me in my passions of skiing and sailing – many thanks!”


Hi, I’m Ollie Martin

I’m a sports scientist, athlete and health coach with over 20 years experience in helping people perform better in their lives. In this time I have developed the 5/5 Performance framework which is then tailored to individual clients. I have helped thousands of people including coach potatoes, high flying execs, athletes and retirees.

I believe in a holistic but research and experience led approach. I believe in simplicity and effectiveness and I believe I can help you.

Here is how we can increase your performance together

Right now I can offer you a 3 month 5/5 Performance online coaching programme to transform your wellbeing.

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