Ollie Martin

Based in Surrey, UK Ollie has a background in sport (Rugby Union) and a sports science degree.

He initially worked in sports coaching, fitness equipment marketing and event management before setting up a personal training business in 2002. He quickly realised he needed to become an expert in weight loss which opened a can of worms and led him into the controversial world of human health as he discovered you have to get healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to get healthy. He went on to extensive study with the Chek Institute in California among other organisations and has spent the last 20 years perfecting his approach.

Ollie’s approach:

Expertise – Ollie has a BSc. (Hons.) Sports Science degree, is a Chek Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach.  He also has further qualifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, Biogeometry, John Ding (Tai Chi) Academy and spends a great deal of time keeping up with the latest human performance research.

Fun – if it’s not fun you’re not doing right and you’ll get injured and demotivated.

Integrated – the body is more a sum of its parts hence the 5/5 multidisciplinary and multi-dimensional programme.

Evolutionary perspective – humans evolve 0.01% every 100,000 years so, physically, we are near identical to cavemen and cavewomen but our environment has changed dramatically – this realisation requires some important lifestyle considerations.

Team / referrals – Ollie often works with a trusted team of health professionals (his and yours) to help you achieve your goals, but he offers an overview of your health interventions to ensure consistency.

Results driven – you don’t need motivation when you can see and feel the changes are working.

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