Uncommon Sense seminar series

Seven 60 minute seminars delivered online or in-person. The seminars are based on Ollie’s myth-busting book Uncommon Sense. They are interactive, fun and practical to engage all participants including the least fit/new to wellbeing. A focus on application and not just information ensures meaningful change in peoples’ lives and employee health and performance. All workshops stand alone in their own right or in any combinations to make a series/morning/day.

Ollie, author of Uncommon Sense, explains the six actions that, if you do something about each and everyday, you will be fitter and healthier than 90% of the population. This myth-busting presentation will give you latest hacks on what works and what doesn’t.


  • to improve your performance and energy levels
  • to understand how building energy is the key to performance
  • to give you actionable pointers everyday
  • to bring together the science and holistic approaches in practical way
  • to challenge some of your preconceived notions on health

Developed by Ollie over 20 years this time-efficient, simple but effective routine will transform your wellbeing. It combines a number of disciplines including Yoga, Tai Chi, mindfulness, stretching and mobility, core stability, bodyweight strength and primal rest postures. A simple to follow sequence that takes just 10 or 20 minutes a day.


  • identify the importance of correct breathing
  • heart and circulation friendly movement 
  • improved postural alignment 
  • activate and strengthen core and back
  • build functional bodyweight strength 
  • to learn why this sequence is so good an will make a difference in your life
  • a mindful ‘time-out’ in the day

Thoughts, both positive and negative, are so powerful they affect your performance on a moment to moment basis as well as your long-term health. Ollie introduces you to some simple tools to align your thoughts, clarifying and achieving your goals.


  • identify the conscious and unconscious mind and how it affects performance
  • use the power of thought (positive and negative) to improve health and performance 
  • identify your dream / legacy for direction
  • establish values to achieve your dream

Using an innovative grid and the latest research on movement we help you put together an effective plan that motivates you to build the optimal movement into your lifestyle. The workshop offer a fresh and practical approach to the increasing problem of under- or over-exercising and how it relates to your performance at work and in life.


  • come away with a personalised movement plan that will make a difference to your well-being and energy levels
  • understand the latest science on intensity and type of exercise
  • put the latest research into an evolutionary perspective 
  • understand the pros and cons of high profile exercise fads

The world is obsessed by calories but is getting unhealthier and fatter. This myth busting workshop will help you personalise a diet unique to you and your family.


  • to shatter some nutritional ideas
  • to balance energy levels throughout the day for sustained performance
  • optimise body weight
  • to understand nutrition as part of a holistic approach rather than in isolation
  • to build a diet right for you

An enlightening seminar using the latest science to highlight the importance of water and the need to detoxify. Ollie introduces some simple strategies to implement into your daily routine.


  • to improve health, energy levels and performance by identifying you personal toxic load
  • understand the importance of water for your health
  • to learn that toxins are major stressors to our body’s regeneration systems, causing energy depletion and weight gain

Your sleep/wake cycle is your secret weapon to fight off disease, optimise energy, achieve focus and realise your potential. This workshop identifies some tips and tricks to work with your circadian rhythm.


  • to enable a better understanding of of circadian rhythm and its importance to your wellbeing
  • to realise how your circadian rhythm influences every area of your life
  • to identify some simple and tailored actions to improve your health and performance

Insurance Institute of Cheltenham & Gloucester

Seminar series questionnaire feedback rating good or very good:

Presentation style 98%   –  Content 98%    –   Overall 99%

“Pitched at the right level and pace of the delivery was also good. Really interesting content and some enlightening information shared that challenged my previous understanding of some areas.” 

“very engaging speaker”

“This was a great webinar, really informative and a good introduction to the areas.”

“I was really engaged with this webinar”

“No weakness –  all very insightful”

“Another great webinar on the topic of health – very useful, insightful, and enlightening”


Ollie runs live team-building events at WildFit Surrey an outdoor venue and obstacle course near Redhill in Surrey. Bespoke teambuilding events are tailored to your teams needs but can include obstacle course challenges, movement games, partner play, relays, zipwire, FitLight, campfire, Tai Chi, Yoga, wellness workshops and more. Bring your team together in this unique venue for a fun and engaging event.

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thriveologie™ is an online destination of expertly curated content designed to enhance mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. With content and services built around five wellbeing pillars, we’ve got whole life wellbeing covered in one place. Developed to support teams within the real estate, corporate and leisure sectors, the thriveologie™ network of wellbeing experts and partners deliver education, support and practical resources for any modern workplace genuinely looking to make a difference to people’s lives. “We chose Ollie as one of our specialists due to his extensive knowledge and experience and his innovative, integrated approach to wellbeing.”

Nick Thomas & Associates provide up to the minute training and coaching solutions addressing the challenges of the modern professional across sales, communication and soft skills; customer service; management and leadership; performance, resilience and health; and technical insurance training. “We are delighted to work with Ollie for our health training, his expertise, professionalism and engaging approach has been very well received by our clients.”

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